Huriya Private launches foundation

Dubai continues to be the land of opportunity for new businesses and entrepreneurs.

Dubai-based Huriya Private has launched a new global non-profit charitable foundation, The Huriya Private Foundation, in July. The launch of the Huriya Private Foundation is the latest initiative from the Huriya Group, an award-winning immigration and corporate structuring firm with headquarters in Dubai.

The charitable focus of the foundation is education, specifically to assist with the education of children, and to make a difference in the lives of communities in the Middle East and Asia. The foundation will initially work with Dubai Cares, the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, and the Christina Noble Children’s Foundation. It has already raised Dh500,000 from its own budget, along with contributions from employees and partners.

According to the World Bank statistics of 2021, a staggering 365 million children live in extreme poverty. The Huriya Private Foundation will directly allocate funds to enable some of these children to have access to quality education and skills development.

“We want to lead by example. Dubai continues to be the land of opportunity for new businesses and entrepreneurs. Our business plan from, day one, was to establish a charity in our second year of operation, and we are so happy to have achieved this. Our first project with Dubai Cares, will build a new school in Nepal.

Our second project will be a scholarship programme with The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, supporting women entrepreneurs and their development globally. Both projects are fully funded and paid, and more will follow. This is just the beginning,” said John Hanafin, CEO and founder of Huriya Private.

Anyone can volunteer to help with the Huriya Private Foundation, to work with the needy in their community or country, or indeed can assist with the regular events and activities in Dubai.

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